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Wood is becoming the fuel of the future

High quality stoves, open fires, boilers, wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, link-up systems and associated products.

Including the award winning clean-burning Yorkshire stove and excellent Highlander range of multi fuel stoves.


We can offer a range of solid fuel fires, and stoves to suit all requirements. Continual development using up to date technology and quality control gives you the best of safety devices and fuel efficiency.

Welcome to our Multi-fuel & Wood Burning Stove section. Stoves are referred to by many different names such as Multi-fuel Burners, Log Burners, Wood Burners, Wood Burning Stoves, Solid Fuel Stoves and Multi-fuel Stoves.


There are only 2 main differences, some can burn most solid fuels and some can burn wood only. However just because a wood burning stove is named such doesn't mean it can burn only wood, normally it will be called a wood burning only stove if this is the case.


Most stoves on the market today are actually multi fuel stoves.