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Just imagine this. You are sitting outside one evening with friends or family, relaxed and enjoying a good glass of wine. But this time you are not sitting at the table. You are making the most of a relaxing hot bath in the open air. In the background you can hear the sound of a crackling wood fire. Is this a dream? It doesn’t have to be a dream any longer, because this dream can become reality with an authentic wooden outdoor hot tub.


Water & heating: Filling your outdoor tub


A Wood Fired outdoor tub can be filled using a regular garden hose, which will take between one and two hours, depending on the size of your outdoor tub and the capacity of the garden hose. It is also possible to connect the hose to a separate system with a larger capacity. This can reduce the filling time of your outdoor tub by 10 to 20 minutes. Water from a well or a spring could also be used of course.


To keep the water in your outdoor tub clear, we recommend changing the water after bathing a few times and not using any chemicals or a filter. If, however, you do wish to retain the water for a longer period of time you can clean the water in your outdoor tub with the aid of a filter or a chemical cleaning agent. In public places such as hotels, the hygiene of a outdoor tub must be monitored more precisely. Naturally we also supply accessories which may help you with this. These are, however, only created on request and installed after a detailed quotation.

The base of a  outdoor hot tub has a drain with a plug and a drain installation set. With these you can drain the water out of your outdoor tub into a rainwater discharge or, for example, to a small ditch.


Heating the water in your outdoor tub

Heating was originally designed to provide a hot bath for people living in the most remote area of Alaska, who had no electricity. The design of this outdoor tub proved very economical and extremely reliable. So that’s why the Wood Fired outdoor tub has meanwhile conquered Europe too.


The stove of the outdoor tub burns wood and is easily lit. The adjustable air inlet, in combination with a chimney, ensures excellent draught for the bottom of the stove. This makes it easy to light the stove and also to control the temperature of the outdoor tub. With just one or two baskets of wood you can heat the water in your tub to a comfortable temperature of approx. 36 – 40 °C. When the water in the outdoor tub has reached the desired temperature, the air intake can be completely or largely cut off. Once in a while the underwater stove has to be emptied, but fortunately this is easily done with a  ash scoop. A trouble-free heating system


A Wood Fired outdoor tub does not require pumps or electricity. You are therefore not troubled by frost or power outages. The stoves are made from aluminium which is protected by corrosion-resistant light-coloured material. This protective coating is both functional (protecting the aluminium from the water), lasting (powder coating forms a strong top coat) and also has aesthetic value. And because the stove is protected from corrosion and is cooled by cold water, your Wood Fired outdoor tub will provide you with many trouble-free years of hot water.