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Storvatt Wood Fired Swimming Pool Heaters


The Storvatt is a Dutch design product.  Since 2004 the stove has been  used to heat small (up to 40m3) swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs.

The stove is made of Stainless steel 316 and concrete. By using these strong materials the stove will last for many years. You will enjoy your bath longer and easier than ever.

Quick Heating

The stove has a large capacity. It heats one litre of water, per second 6-8 ˚Celcius. In energy this is 35 Kilowatt / hour. Such a return is extremely high for a wood fired stove to heat swimming pools and ponds.

Placing the stove

The stove can be used in various ways. You can connect to existing pools, hot tubs, swimming ponds etc. But it is also an ideal product to consider about and incorporate when first installing a new pool or hot tub.


The pleasure using a hot tub will be accomplished by correct water temperature. The stove is a Dutch developed and produced product to heat tubs and swimming pools based on a wood fired stove.


There are many heating systems available, but they all use solar energy, gas or electricity. The disadvantage of solar energy is obvious: no sun equals no heat. And it is at times when the sun is not shining, that you could perhaps do with having slightly warmer water in your pool.

Environmentally friendly

The stove differs from all other systems by using a widely available and natural resource – wood. The great advantage of wood is that it is a natural and inexhaustible energy source. The CO2 released into the atmosphere will be used up quickly by new trees. When using wood from sustainable forests, the effect on the CO2 balance will be little. This is in contradiction to other resources such as gas and oil, which have taken millions of years to turn into the fuel we use today.

In particular, when burning dry wood, the smoke will be used by plants and trees and be turned into oxygen.

Wood definitely is an environmentally friendly resource.

Extend your fun


Without any additional heating swimming pools and swimming ponds can be used perhaps 2-4 months per year. With an Wood Fired stove you can extend your bathing fun – starting in early Spring and ending late in the Autumn.




All fired up and raring to go

Wood is becoming the fuel of the future